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4500BA Build – Part 3 – Sides and Gunwales

Build Instructions for the 4500BA - Assembly Part 2 - Sides and Gunwales CNC Marine we are here to help Go to >> 4500 Barra Find your aft stringer brackets, they are the small triangle guys, generally with a curve on the top. Note:- You may notice that we try...

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Boat Plans

We Sell Boat Designs And Plans And the rights to build as many of that design as you want Go to >> Range Page The 'DESIGN ONLY' Option on all of our kits.. For most people, purchasing a kit is the best and most economical option. Alternatively, we provide an...

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4500BA Build – Part 2 – Plates and Frames

Build Instructions for the 4500BA - Assembly Part 1- Plates and FramesCNC Marine we are here to help Go to >> 4500 Barra Finally, the time has come. Make sure you have those welding skills ready, don't make this your first aluminium welding experience. Practice...

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4500BA Build Getting Started

Build Instructions for the 4500BA - Getting Started CNC Marine we are here to help Go to >> 4500 Barra You've Ordered Your Kit You've ordered your plate boat kit and its going to be a couple of weeks before it gets delivered. So its time to prepare! Start by...

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Variable Deadrise

Our Planing Boats - Deadrise Explained CNC Marine we are here to help Go to >> features Deadrise Explained A boats deadrise is defined by the angle formed between between the horizontal plane and the vessels hull. This is usually given by most manufacturers as...

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Bill’s 5000CC Build Log

Building a 5000CC CNC Marine we are here to help Go to >> 5000 Centre Console Check out this video and the associated blog, it will give you a great understanding of the experience of building your own CNC Marine boat. Bill goes right through his whole process,...

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Registering Your Boat

Registering Your CNC Marine CNC Marine we are here to help Go to >> FAQ Australian Builders Plate (ABP) In Australia you are required to fit an Australian Builders Plate. A blank builder’s plate complete with the associated calculations required is supplied with...

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6100ST Review

Review of the 6100ST Mike Brown - December 2011 - Link to actual article Go to >> 6100 Soft Top Overview WA, which used to export large numbers of aluminium vessels around the world, now sends far fewer completed ones but a lot more kits for assembly overseas. A...

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