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Car Topper Range – Beginner Boat Building
what is a boat kit

If you’re keen to complete your first build with a boat kit, the Cartopper range is the perfect place to begin, our cartopper kits are designed with simplicity in mind. Car toppers typically refer to lightweight and portable boats that can be transported on the roof of a car. These boats are designed to be easily mounted on car roof racks, making them convenient for individuals who want a simple and quick way to transport a small boat to different bodies of water. At CNC Marine we provide a range of cartopper boat kits, perfect for quick and easy builds. Our boat kits come with all the necessary materials and components pre-cut and prepared. This significantly reduces the complexity of the construction process, allowing beginners to focus on assembly rather than intricate cutting and shaping. We provide all the instructions to guide builders through each stage of the construction process, making it easier for novices to follow and understand. If time is a concern our cartoppers are relatively quick to put together check our our 3700CT which only has an estimated 13-20 hours to finished hot works stage.


Car toppers are super versatile and like our other models are multifunctional making them the perfect boat for a day out on the water. CNC Marine Car toppers are perfect for fishing in lakes, ponds, and calm rivers. Anglers can easily transport the boat to different fishing spots and access areas that may be difficult to reach by larger boats. They provide an affordable and convenient way for individuals or families to enjoy time on the water. Since car topper boats are easily transported, they are ideal for exploring remote or less accessible waterways where larger boats cannot navigate. Whether your looking for a boat for photography, bird watching, exploration, short distance transport, fishing, swimming or just a day out with the family the car topper does it all.

Car topper

 What is available?

We are also more than happy to work with you to personalise your car topper, we can connect you with one of our designers to modify the design. We’ll then support you in building your own boat ! We also have a network of certified builders who can put the kit together if you want to purchase a completed car topper.

CNC Marine is dedicated to making boat building an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone. We are committed to simplifying the process with meticulously designed boat kits that cater to various skill levels. We are always available to support you throughout your build and love seeing the progress you make throughout your boat build.

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