Build your boat life balance

We love boats as much as we love the people that are part of this industry. Our customers have a passion and want to follow it. They want to work and play in an industry we love. That makes us determined to support your aluminium boat plans.

Our aim at CNC Marine is to support the small businesses that make up the industry, the people that make up businesses, and the passion that makes the people. We’ll stop at nothing to help you succeed.


Why us

Build your boat life balance

We professionally design the best aluminium boat kits, optimised for performance, usefulness, and build ability — plus all the information you need to know how to make your own boat.

Established in 2005, CNC Marine is a Brisbane-based company specialising in recreational kit boats. Our name reflects our commitment to utilising CNC technology in the design and construction of our boats.

CNC, short for Computer Numeric Control, is a widely used technology in various industries. By employing computer code to control machines like lathes, milling machines, and cutters, we minimise human error, enhance precision, and increase efficiency. This technology significantly reduces labour costs and material wastage, particularly for complex tasks.

Integrating CNC technology into boat building allows us to achieve greater accuracy, lower labour costs, and minimise material waste. As a result, we’re a stand out aluminium boat manufacturer offering competitively priced kits — without compromising quality.

Choosing the perfect boat for your needs

At the beginning of your journey, we’ll collaborate with you to discuss the pros and cons of different boat options. We’ll consider your specific usage requirements, budget constraints, and location for building the perfect boat for your wants and needs.

Making personalised adjustments

We strive to provide the exact kit you’re looking for. If you’re considering a modification, chances are we’ve already thought of it and can offer it to you at no extra cost. Whenever we add charges, we keep your budget in mind, ensuring personalised adjustments cost less than you’d expect.

Finding a skilled boat builder

We have established partnerships with reputable boat builders across Australia and across the world. If you’re in need of a reliable builder to build your own aluminium boat kit, we can direct you to someone we know and trust.

Builder's tips and resources

Our build wiki is continuously updated with new and valuable information. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply ask us! We’ll do our best to include it and provide the guidance you need, including specifics, like how to design your own fishing boat, or finding boats for bespoke needs.

meet the


Highly specialised team

Our team consists of highly qualified naval architects, skilled boat designers, and knowledgeable sales support professionals. With their expertise and experience, we are well-equipped to provide you with exceptional service and guidance throughout your boat building journey. Whether you need assistance with design, technical aspects, or sales-related inquiries, our team is here to support you every step of the way.


Naval Architect

Peter, a highly experienced Naval Architect (BEng-Hons, CEng, MRINA, RPEQ) is the driving force behind CNC Marine. With extensive knowledge and expertise in the marine industry, Peter ensures that every aspect of our kit designs meets stringent standards. The result is a final product that surpasses expectations in terms of performance, handling, and safety, rivaling both recreational and commercial vessels.



20 years of design, a bachelor with honors in design and another degree in engineering positions marsh well to head up this design team.
Marsh has worked with boat builders all over the world he’s seen what works and what doesn’t.
He has a passion for helping small business, and that is our aim at cnc marine


Marine Designer 

Meet Liam, our Industrial Designer. With a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design (Honours) specializing in Marketing, Liam brings unique expertise and meticulous attention to detail to our team. Leveraging Australian automotive experience, he designs high-performing vessels with refined manufacturability and ease of use. Liam’s focus is on innovative, precise vessels that exceed expectations.

Daniel Bryant

Marine Designer

Introducing Daniel, our skilled Industrial Designer with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design, specializing in Business & Transport. Passionate about the outdoors and water, Daniel excels in creating top-quality designs. He balances excellence, efficiency, and functionality, delivering impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional performance. With Daniel, expect an efficient build process and memorable days on the water.

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