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5 Reasons to Make Boat Building Your New Hobby

What hobby floats your boat?

Written by James Gilbert

Some prefer enjoying tea time on the golf course. Others love outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, or camping. Others prefer staying at home playing video games.

However, the truth is that if you are living close to a large body of water and you are not enjoying the water; you are really missing out – and with so many bodies of water in Australia there’s no end to your potential playground.

You never know, it might be an entirely new hobby experience for you.

If you have never reflected on boating as an interest, we would like to introduce you to it.

Below are the top 5 reasons to include boating in your hobby list: 

#1 – Boating Is For Everyone

Boating is an activity that is available to everyone.

Because of the different options available when it comes to yacht and boat sizes, different entertaining water activities, and price options are all available.

A majority of people do not own a boat simply because they do not know how to operate or care for one. However, with the availability of different learning resources available, even beginners can learn. 

On top of this, many states do not require a boat license to operate a boat under 4-6.5 horsepower (this varies state to state).

This makes it easy to own a small boat, get it in the water, and hit the open waves!

Best of all, the boat doesn’t need to be registered.

At CNC Marine there are a range of boats that suit these requirements, including the popular Car Topper range with sizes ranging from 2.8 metres to 3.7 metres.


Are you looking to build your own boat? Find out how here!


After learning how to drive a boat or yacht, the option to buy (or build) a used or new vessel is limitless. As such, there is no reason not to enjoy boating because boats can be found in different price ranges.

That means anyone can enjoy this activity at any budget level.

#2 – Boating is Good For The Soul

Boating is an activity known to tap to all five senses as well as rejuvenate all of them.

As such, it is a hobby that cannot be compared to any other. Boating offers a soul-stirring experience, with potential solitude, calming waters, and a breath-taking view.

In other words, it gives you an escape from all the stresses found at work and at home. Furthermore, it allows you to change your view from concrete and highways to open water and sunsets. Depression specialist Verona Chadwick notes “hobbies come with a range of physical and mental health benefits, and boating can help those with anxiety or depression. Being in nature can boost self-esteem, mood and motivation. So the benefits are many.”

With boat ownership, you will enjoy this stress-relieving hobby anytime you need it.

#3 – Great Family Experience And Bonding

We live in an era where everybody is busy all the time, which makes family bonding a challenge.

This is one of the reasons it is wise to consider family bonding adventures on a boat. Furthermore, you get an opportunity to plan and enjoy romantic weekends with loved-one or partner anytime you feel like doing so.

Let’s not forget the benefit of introducing your kids to fishing or studying stars from a boat’s deck. You can also use your boat to give your parents the anniversary of their life.

All in all, boating can offer memorable family bonding experiences that anyone can enjoy.

BONUS TIP: Boats can offer safety for kids and your family.

Safety features include:

  • High sides so there is no chance of someone falling over the side
  • Soft ride with a sharp hull entry point
  • Enclosed cabin to protect from weather
  • Reverse chines to dissipate spray and keep people dry

CNC Walkabout options also allow your little ones to move around the boat freely, plus a cabin for privacy and a bunk cabin to rest in when boating life wears them out!

#4 – Make New Friends And Join A Community

Aside from helping in family bonding, boats help boat owners meet new people as well as join communities with similar interests (like fellow boating enthusiasts).

Jump on Facebook and you’ll see countless groups of boat-lovers just like you!

This can help you find the right boat (at the right price), as well as boat building help and things to do on your next weekend adventure.

Remember, surrounding yourself with likeminded people is beneficial in many ways, such as relationship building, new environment exploration, and learning experience.

#5 – Learning New Skill Set

Boating is a skill by itself.

In other words, it allows people to learn an entirely new set of skills. It is highly beneficial to learn a new skill set, and it might be the extra-curricular activity you deserve. You apply for boating safety and operation classes.

For this reason, why not learn from professionals and later own your own vessel?

The best thing about all this is that you do not have to learn everything to own a boat; you can learn more along the way no matter your boating skill and safety level. Mastering this new hobby can be a huge sense of pride, especially if you own a boat.

Fashion boutique Tierra Alma adds another perspective, noting “adding a boating lifestyle can also help you introduce new items of clothing. For many people this is an added bonus with the need for a new wardrobe and fun and fresh way to hit the water in style.”

Are you ready to hit the water?

If adding boating to your list of hobbies hasn’t won you over yet, here’s one more massive benefit. Aside from all the above points, boating can be an investment as well.

Buy a boat and rent it out, or sell it later. No matter what you do with your boat, if you experience the beautify, glamour, and relaxation that comes with boating, you’ll wonder why you did not pick the adventure sooner.

To receive help with the next step, which is deciding on a boat, or simply looking to know more about boating, reach out to the team at CNC Marine for help and advice.