April 24 – Boat Releases


Our 6500CC range has been a fan favourite over the years, in 2021 we bought you the 6510CC. A long range version of the 6500CC with 370L fuel, large cast deck and open decks. We’ve bumped it up again with the 6520CC, A deep V ( 18 degree deadrise), 400L fuel, a whopping 2m cast deck a heap of hatches as well as a revised battery box and transom storage. This new 6520CC is suited to the serious offshore angler, but isn’t out of sorts when shooting up the river with the family.


You all know and love our 6500WA, a vessel known for its seakeeping ability, smooth ride & stability at rest. But we wanted to give the fisho’s that want to go out no matter the conditions. That’s where the 6510WA was born, A vessel with the same DNA of the 6500WA, a stable, smooth riding hull but with a deep v (19 degree deadrise) hull to really perform when slicing through chop. We didn’t stop there, we increased the fuel capacity to 300L, revised the transom design, extended the duckboards, redesigned the cabin and managed to have enough room in the fwd cabin to lie down for a sleep. We don’t want to make any claims but could it be the ultimate fisho’s island hopper?


The 8600HT was designed with the need for a vessel with a high fuel capacity, an efficient hull but with a sharp entry to cut through some of the Western Australian chop. A hull with a delicate balance of deeper deadrise and aggressive chines combined with a 2.98m beam (to be towable in WA), creating a hull that feels at home in the heavier stuff. As for the topside arrangement, the 3m beam really opens up the boat to allow for a huge enclosed wheel house, a massive cockpit and a silly amount of room up in the cabin. With an “L” shaped seating area in the saloon, provision for a cooker and oven on the aft bulkhead as well as a huge helm station, its not just a boat capable of some serious offshore work, but styled to suit family days on the water.

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