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Build Your Dream Boat with CNC Marine

You have the power to create something truly remarkable. Embrace the challenge of building your own masterpiece with the assurance that it’s designed to be sturdy, fit for its intended purpose, and backed by our helpful team.

OUR PROCESS: Build Your Dream Boat with CNC Marine
For every boat enthusiast, the dream of building your own vessel is a romantic idea. With CNC Marine’s wide range of boat kit designs, this dream is within your reach.

Choose a Base Design
Visit our website to explore our full range of boats. If you need additional information or help with choosing, feel free to contact our experienced team via messages, email, or phone.

Personalize and Customize
If you find what you’re looking for in our standard range, that’s great news! Sometimes a few tweaks are all you need. We offer a personalization service to customize our kits to better suit your needs. Once you’ve selected your base design, contact our team and let them know the changes you’d like to make. The team will assess the feasibility and provide a fixed price quote for the modifications.

Purchase / Deposit 
If you’re happy with the outcome so far, it’s time to make a purchase. Let our team know, and they’ll prepare a pro-forma invoice for you to review. Once payment is made, your stand, modified, or custom kit will be reserved for you.

Experience the convenience of online deposits with us. Secure your spot in line for your boat kit by making an instant deposit. Rest assured that our team will contact you within two business days to provide you with the next steps. Start building your dream boat with confidence and ease.

Visit our range page and browse through the available models. Select your desired boat and add it to your cart, making it your deposit. Proceed to checkout with ease, as it’s as simple as that. Start your boat-building journey by securing your order in just a few clicks.

We’ll process your order, CNC cut the parts, and deliver them to your location as flat packs to reduce shipping costs. You can either construct the boat yourself or hire a qualified boat builder to handle the hot work and fit-out.

Parts that require folding are marked with fold lines and bend angles. Simply follow the specified fold bar and angle to fold the parts correctly and begin assembly.

With our CNC cut design, the parts easily slot together, guided by ink markings where parts meet and require welding. Detailed construction drawings are also provided to support your assembly process.

Once the hot work is complete, it’s time to fit-out your boat with your choice of motor, seats, and paint. You have the freedom to take it as far as you desire.

Once you’re on the water, you’ll quickly realize why CNC Marine is one of the best in the business. Our boats offer a smooth, dry ride, and excellent sea-keeping performance, ensuring an enjoyable experience on the water.



An update from the designers – May

An update from the designers – May

We’ve been hard at work over this last month pushing forward on a bunch of really fun modified projects. A x8500CB set up with a fwd helm which will be heading down south and operating commercially & a x6520CC will be heading up to Matty from Outback Bandits (this one will be one serious build and recommend checking it out). On the new models side of things we have been working on a brand new 5501 Runabout (5501RA) , a brand new hull where we have sharpened up the hull and added a bit more volume up forward to counter a helm position right up at the bow. Plenty of exciting designs are on the horizon but let us know what styles of hulls you want to see next! – Liam

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BTB Marine // Latest Project

BTB Marine // Latest Project

BtB Marine has been a valued part of the CNC Marine family for over 15 years, building a range of our designs. Currently, they are working on our Fast Cabin Houseboat, which will soon serve as the CNC Marine Floating Office.

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Boat Building Projects For Schools

Boat Building Projects For Schools

Looking for a hands-on class project? CNC Marine offers boat building kits and cutting files perfect for schools. Choose flexible options like pre-cut aluminium kits or DXF files tailored to your needs. Enjoy discounted prices, detailed guides, and ongoing support, providing students with valuable practical experience in boat construction, welding, and STEM learning. Enhance problem-solving skills and teamwork with real-world challenges. Ideal for marine science, biology classes, water sports, or charity projects. Contact CNC Marine to start your school’s boat building adventure.

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