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This month has seen us pouring a lot of effort into developing our 4m line up in particular, see below for 3 very different arrangements and styles. We’ve also been progressing a number of custom designs which we’ll reveal in future newsletters. One of the key ones however is a brand new high speed Landing craft line-up. Starting with a 7.5m suitable for carrying a Can-am X3. That one will be first built by the team at DMAC Marine on Vancouver Island, I’m sure these guys will be part of the builder line up for the future.

4000 Skiff

The 4 metre skiff was designed specifically for tight creeks and water ways. With a shallow draft the 4000SK is perfect for shallow waters, but doesn’t sacrifice structure or strength like a lot of other “river boats” and will take a wack or two on a stray branch or log. With A large fwd cast deck and a recessed central helm position, approx 40L underdeck fuel tank as well as a fwd seat/ storage box. What really sets the 4000SK apart from other skiff style boats is its “aft pods” giving the vessel a unique style but also having the functional benefit of allowing a bigger engine. – Liam

4210 Barra

Introducing the 4210BA, aka the “Chopmaster”! This 5m marvel boasts a deep deadrise, reverse chines, and a 60L underdeck fuel tank. Crafted with 4mm 5083 marine grade aluminum, it’s tough as nails. Choose between side console or tiller steer setup, accommodating up to a 90hp outboard. Bloody beast of thing! – Marsh

4010 Lightweight

The 4010 Lightweight started out as a 4000LW. But we wanted to make it more of a ultimate all rounder for travelling Australia. So we added a large cast deck, an underdeck fuel tank, lockable rod storage, provision for plenty of batteries as well as a bow motor. For both the 4000LW & 4010LW we’ve done a lot of hull refinement to ensure a stable craft while enabling its ability to punch through chop. With her low sides she’s perfect for estuaries, rivers and calm waters although she is well and truly capable if you get hit by some unexpected swell. – Liam

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