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what is a boat kit
What is a Boat Plan?

A boat plan is a comprehensive set of documents and drawings that serve as a guide for building a boat. These plans provide detailed instructions, measurements, and specifications necessary for constructing a watercraft. Boat plans typically include design drawings illustrating the boat’s shape and structure, construction details for each component, material lists outlining the required materials, and step-by-step instructions for assembly. These plans can vary widely in complexity, catering to different types and sizes of boats, from small dinghies to larger sailboats or motorized vessels. Boat plans are an essential tool for ensuring that the boat is built according to the intended design and meets safety standards and regulations.

CNC Marine Boat Plans

CNC Marine’s boat plans are crafted to cater to both DIY builders, looking to build their own boat and professionals seeking precision and safety in constructing vessels. These plans include detailed design drawings that visually represent the boat’s shape and structure, construction details outlining the assembly process for each component, and thorough material lists specifying the necessary materials for the project. Builders benefit from step-by-step instructions that guide them through the construction journey, ensuring accuracy and adherence to high standards.

Complying with Australian regulations, the plans include Builders Plates, Hull Identification Number (HIN) Plates, and a decal sheet for a polished finishing touch. CNC Marine’s boat plans exemplify a commitment to precision, boat safety, and the joy of creating a customized and high-performance watercraft.

Our boat plans go through an approval process which involves a comprehensive evaluation of design drawings, construction details, and material specifications, guaranteeing that our boat plans not only meet but exceed the stringent criteria set by experienced naval architects. This stamp of approval underscores our commitment to providing boat enthusiasts with plans that are not just accurate and detailed but also backed by the expertise of maritime engineering professionals.

How Do I Get Boat Plans?

Firstly we recommend looking through our Range of CNC Marine Designs, from there send through an enquiry on the model/models you are interested in, we will provide you with a quote and begin your CNC boat building journey. If you are looking for a customised boat design we can organise a meeting with our design team where you can discuss design changes, request customisations and make your dream boat come to life.

How Will I Recieve My Boat Plans?

Boat plans are mailed out in what we call a boat pack, this is a folder of important information that you will recieve while your kit is being cut. You can expect your boat pack to contain boat plans, drawings, safety requirements, a set of VIN and builders plate and other essential information that is easy to follow and will support you in putting your kit boat together in no time.

From there you should have all the necessary resources to begin constructing your kit!

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