Less Ordinary Boat Build

Less Ordinary Boat Build

CNC Marine has designed Less Ordinary their newest toy! A customised 5m Offshore Centre Console, there awesome vessel is being built by Luke at Mezcal (Check out our Builder Highlight for more on Mezcal). The best part is Less Ordinary are recording and sharing the whole process on their YouTube, episode 1 is currently live! We are super keen to follow along and are looking forward to seeing it on water.

– Check out/ subscribe to their YouTube channel to watch their project come to life.

“At Less Ordinary (L/O)we’re a group of mates from the East Coast of Australia with a shared passion for living life to the fullest. For us, life is all about chasing the ‘less ordinary’. When we’re not working our lives revolve around our shared passions for fishing, surfing, 4wding, diving, touring and everything else in between. But it’s not just about us; it’s about inspiring others to lead a ‘less ordinary’ life as well. Our mission is to capture the thrill of these moments through epic content that hopefully inspires YOU to do the same. Alongside our adventures our goal is to give back to you guys, in the hopes that we can change a few lives for the better. This is our way of life, and we can’t wait to share everything that L/O has instore for you.”
– L/O Crew
4810CC plate boat build

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CNC Marine design are at the forefront of marine design within the industry, designing for a broad range of areas including commercial survey, offshore recreational & smooth water estuary use. Using world-class naval architectural, industrial design skills and boat building knowledge to ensure that our boats are of the best quality for recreational and commercial vessels while maintaining their ease of manufacturability.

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