Check out Jareds 4600CC on water

If you’ve grown up in Australia you’d probably be familiar with the “tinnie” culture. Jarred built his business ‘Jared’s Tinnie mods’ to support the tinnie culture, modifying boats to the customers needs. He finally decided to build his own, the 4600CC… Obviously he didnt leave it standard, adding his own touches to the design. We caught up with Jared in Fingal Head, NSW on our most recent ‘ Barbecue day’, to chat Tips and tricks, the build performance and heaps more. You dont want to miss this one.

THE 4600CC

Introducing the 4600CC, your gateway to our full offshore center console range. Designed for serious pursuits, this vessel seamlessly packs features of larger counterparts while remaining towable by SUVs and manageable solo. Fuel-efficient and mighty, it boasts a self-draining deck above the waterline, high sides for a dry ride, and a generous underdeck fuel tank. Embark on offshore adventures with confidence, thanks to its prowess. Unleash power, conquer swell, and explore offshore horizons like never before. The 4600CC — where size meets versatility, without compromise.
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