CNC Length

4.1m (13.5ft)

Overall Length

4.3m (14.11ft)

Beam Width

1.87m (6.14ft)

Overall Height

1.01m (3.32ft)

Hotworks Weight

260kg (570lbs)

Max Full Load Displacement

Tow Weight

(Not Including Trailer or Gear)

Mass of Boat and Fixed Fuel (Excluding Eng)

Max Number of Persons


Max Engine


Presumed Design Engine


Estimated Speed at Design Power

Leg Length

508-635mm (20/25in)

Fuel Tank Capacity

Optional 75L (19.9gal)

Aux Tank Capacity



Bottom 3mm (1/8in), Sides 3mm (1/8in), Deck 3mm (1/8in )
Boat Kit Price

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Personalise this vessel

We understand that owning a boat is a very personal experience, and we want to help make your boat uniquely yours. We offer the ability to personalise your vessel. Such as increasing fuel capacity, changing engine arrangements, adding or removing doors and hatches, and much more. To get started…

Step 1. Simply tell us what you have in mind, whether it’s a list of changes or sketches of your ideas.

Step 2. We’ll provide you with a fixed price quote that includes any estimated material costs. In the rare case that material costs increase, we reserve the right to charge you for any additional costs. Once you’re ready to proceed, you’ll pay a deposit to secure your place in our project pipeline.

Step 3. When your turn comes up, we’ll begin designing your personalized modifications. We’ll send you images and/or a 3D viewer file to review, and you can provide any minor changes needed. Once you’re satisfied with the design, we’ll create your personalised kit.

Step 4. Finally, you’ll receive your customised kit, just like any standard kit.
With our personalised services, you can make your boat truly one-of-a-kind.

Repeat Buyers Price

As a previous purchaser of this design, you would qualify for our repeat buyers’ price. This price is significantly lower than the original cost as it is based on current material and cutting at cost price, with an added handling fee. To receive an up-to-date price, please give us a call.

Kit Assembly Service

Do you want to have the boat built for you? We can arrange for a CNC Certified Boat Builder in your area to put the kit together for you. This can be to a finished hotworks stage ready for fitout. 

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CAD Cutting Files

Generally, purchasing kits offers greater cost-effectiveness and a wider range of advantages.

In some circumstances we are able to sell the 2D CAD Cutting Files. This also includes the PDF Construction Drawings and Calculations.

Rights of use of those files differ depending on the situation. This may include single use, minimal multi use, or unlimited use.

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Order Now

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Placing an order not only secures your position in the queue for kit delivery but also ensures your place in the modifications pipeline, if modifications are applied.  Due today $1,000 + GST

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Thoughts and features

Our Explorer class of boats is highly customizable and built to handle both inland and coastal waters. Starting as an open boat, you can add the options you need to create a vessel that suits your needs. Built to full commercial standards, this hardcore plate boat is designed to last. The 4100EX is one of the smallest in the range, comfortably accommodating four and easily manageable by one. It's tough enough to handle rough weather, making it a reliable choice for your next adventure on the water. For a customizable, versatile, and durable boat, look no further than the Explorer class - designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

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Become a CNC Marine Member for FREE and gain access to general arrangements, typical sections and 3D viewers on all models. 

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Do you sell boat plans and designs?
In most circumstances, purchasing kits offers greater cost-effectiveness and a wider range of advantages. The first kit in any model includes a licence to build 1 boat. When purchasing future kits of the same model we don’t charge any licencing fees. Kits also include the PDF Construction Drawings and Calculations.
In some circumstances, we are able to sell the 2D CAD Cutting Files. The rights of use of those files differ depending on the situation. This may include single-use, minimal multi use, or unlimited use. In places that we offer kits single use is generally not available. Because of this, you’re purchasing multiple licenses at once and therefore the prices are higher.
In locations where it’s hard to get cutting or even large sheets supplied we offer a full-scale Paper template option. This comes with a license to build 1 boat, all the construction plans, and every part as a paper template in full scale.
Is a Jig Required to Build Your Boats?
No. Our kits are designed to be pulled up on the floor. Once done all that is needed is some props to stabilise the hull.
If you’d like to create a cradle for We can supply what you need to create a cradle for the boat if you like.
The reason we don’t require jigs is we spend extra time in the design phase and complete full studies on every plate to ensure there is limited stress in the plate. No stress, means the plates come together with limited fuss, thus not requiring a jig.
Can you arrange a Builder, or help with fitout?
Yes, absolutely. We work with a network of builders operating all over. When you request final price, tell us what you need and we’ll give you options of who to go to.
We have our certified builders list also.
As we work with builders often they will give us better prices, we can also offer discounts for going through our certified builders. So let us help you with some quotes.
Would you supply a kit to my location?
We currently service the whole of Australia, New Zealand, Canada (US sales shipped from here), and the UK(European kits shipped from here)
Check out our Locations page for more information.
What does the kit come with?
The kit comes with all the aluminium components you need. This comprises of 5083 Marine Grade aluminium sheet, pre-cut and marked with part numbers, weld information, and setout lines. Also a series of full length extrusions (such as box section, tube etc) for stiffeners, pipework, bow rail drainage etc with a cut list for these items.
You will also be supplied with a set of detailed A3 drawings which show the step by step construction procedure.
You will receive a set of blank Australian Builder’s Plates with the capacity and powering calculations completed and supplied to you.
The Kits include all components in the aluminium build to avoid having to buy them separately, such as fuel tank, seat boxes, kill tanks, dashes, bait tables and bait box, etc. depending on the model.
Fit out items, such as hinges, upholstery, buoyancy foam, windows, electronics and engine, you would need to supply.
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  • Max Boat Fixed Fuel
  • Max Number of Persons
  • Presumed Design Engine
  • Max Engine
  • Estimated Speed at Design_Power
  • Leg Length
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
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