8m Barra,

Aluminium Boat Kit

8m work boat, Aluminium Boat Kit

The 8000 Barra started with a desire to have a large but simple boat tailored more to be an efficient, and lightweight craft. Still very capable, but if you don’t need a boat to be used outside in heavy swell, but still need some size, then this would be up your alley. The 8000BA is designed to be an amazing day boat, whether that is water sports or fishing the Barra accommodates both. Pairing the ski pole and the capacity for a 250HP motor, you have a vessel that has acres of space for family and friends to enjoy a day on the water. Combined with the huge cast deck & plenty of storage underneath or maybe even room for a swag or 6.

  • CNC length – 8 m
  • Overall Length – 8.3 m
  • Beam – 2.46 m
  • Aluminium Mass – 913 KG
  • Lightship Displacement – 1355 Kg
  • Full Load Displacement –  1830 Kg
  • Load Capacity – 1145 Kg
  • Max. Engine Size/Mass (Remote Steer) – 250HP/325Kg
  • Recommended engine size – 200HP
  • Operational capacity – 8 Passengers
  • Plate Thickness – Sides – 4mm, Bottom – 4mm
  • All aluminium components required to complete the build.
  • Soft Riding Hull With Inverted ‘S’ Shape Chine

  • Full Depth 4mm Frames with Contoured Stringers

  • Large Uninterrupted Deck Space

  • Transom Access Ladder

  • Outboard well
  • Large Casting Platform with Storage Room Below
  • Bow Motor Mount
  • Option for Tow Pole

Boat Kit Price

Standard Kit

AUD $16,850+GST

  • Price for your first 8000BA kit
  • Price does not include delivery
  • Includes access to reduced pricing for future 8000BA kits

Repeat buyers price

Any future purchase


  • Price for subsequent 8000BA kits
  • Price does not include delivery
  • Must have already purchased a 8000BA kit to access this reduced price

CAD cutting files

Does not include Kit

AUD $6,500+GST

  • 2D CAD Cutting Files
  • PDF Construction Drawings
  • Rights to build as many 8000BA without further royalties