11m landing craft, Aluminium Boat Kit


11m Landing Craft, Aluminium Boat Kit

The 11LC was born with the desire to be able to carry large loads as well as having a spacious wheelhouse to captain your vessel. This vessel is perfect for use in a number of different commercial operations; as a salvage or dive vessel, even a barge to get you and your car over to your favorite island. With 750 Litres of fuel and an operational capacity for 12 people +2 Crew you have plenty of space for family, friends or work mates.

  • CNC length – 11 m
  • Overall Length – 11.8 m
  • Beam – 3.5 m
  • Aluminium Mass – 4130 KG
  • Lightship Displacement – 4788Kg
  • Full Load Displacement – Operation Dependant
  • Load Capacity – 6 Tonnes of cargo carrying capacity
  • Max Engine Size – Twin 200 HP (Operation Dependant)
  • Recommended engine size – Twin 115HP
  • Operational capacity – 12 Passengers + 2 Crew
  • Fuel Tank – 750L in Fuel Cell
  • Plate Thickness – Sides – 5mm, Bottom – 6mm, Cargo Deck – 6mm
  • All aluminium components required to complete the build.
  • Fwd landing gate (1 tonne / m²)

  • High side gunwales (minimum 847mm)

  • Aft Wheelhouse

  • Large fwd deck (6615mm)

  • Aft deck with tubular outboard guards

  • Options Available to suit operation


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    CAD cutting files

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    • Rights to build as many 11LC without further royalties