Plumbing In Your Kill Tank

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There are a number of options for how you could plumb in your kill tank.

Opt. A  – The Simplest

On all boats with kill tanks we supply a tube that runs from the bottom most point at the aft side of the tank all the way back to the transom. Generally this will have holes pre-cut out of each frame so that this pipe can easily be threaded through.

Because the Kill tank, and the pipe are below water level, when you stop the boat, the kill tank will be flooded. When you are on way the kill tank will drain, this means that the kill tank is constantly being flushed out. If you wish to hold the water in, you need to install a plug on the inside end of the kill tank main drain pipe.


Opt. B  – With a Deck Wash System

If you’re considering installing a simple deck wash system than this may be the way to go for you. To save you the hassle of completely plumbing in a pump to your kill tank you can make sure your deck wash hose reaches your kill tank.

This coupled with a plug in your main drain allows you to fill this using the deck wash system pump.

You could also optionally install an overflow tube, but this is not really required, as you are unlikely to overfill.


Opt. C  – Completely Plumbed In

On most CNC Marine boats with kill tanks we supply pipes and details to completely plumb in your kill tank. You would plumb in your deck wash system, and then provide an extra t-intersection to also connect your kill tank in a top corner somewhere (in most models we have decided this for you and holes are pre-cut).

This option allows you to fill the kill tank to the top, and doesn’t require you to be still to fill the tank.

An overflow tube is required for this option as the pump will keep pumping water into the kill tank.