Getting a Boat Builder to Help

CNC Marine we are here to help

You can have the kit delivered to the boat builder of your choice.

You pay them to assemble it and then finish it off yourself. Just follow these easy steps.

  • Buy the plans and have your material supplier deliver the kit to your builder.
  • Order a trailer and deliver it to your builder.
  • Book a painter and take the boat to them once the fabrication is finished. (Some builders offer a painting service). Once at the painters order your engine as they can have a long lead time. Make sure the quote includes steering, batteries, instruments and navigation lights.
  • Organise to get the windscreen fitted and book your trimmer.


  • Get the motor fitted and tested (windscreen should be on before water testing)
  • Take the boat to the trimmers for carpets, seats, and clears.
  • Finally fit your locker hatches and fittings. You can do this yourself or take it back to your builder who can do it for you. That’s it – you’re ready to enjoy your new boat.

The builder will give a warranty for his work, as will the painter and trimmer. The engine supplier will give an engine manufacturers warranty.

So not only do you Save Money by Organising it Yourself,

you Still Get a Comprehensive Warranty.