We Sell Boat Designs And Plans

And the rights to build as many of that design as you want

The ‘DESIGN ONLY’ Option on all of our kits..

For most people, purchasing a kit is the best and most economical option. Alternatively, we provide an option to purchase the design only, which includes the boat plans, assembly drawings, CNC cutting files, and the rights to cut and build as many of that model as you like. This may be the best option for you if you have your own account with plate cutters, or if you fall outside the general delivery areas of CNC Marine, such as overseas builders.

Retaining the CAD cutting files also gives the builder the flexibility to control their processes. Some builders like to add their own personalised touches to our designs such as bait tables, canopies, and consoles. All major changes, however, should be checked with CNC Marine to ensure the boat will continue to perform as intended.

To locate the price for this option, navigate to the desired vessel on our range pages. And in the prices table you will see design only.