We Believe in Making Boat Building Easier

We Professionally Design the Best Boats, in Terms of Performance, Usefulness, and Build Ability
CNC Marine was formed in 2005 and is based in Brisbane, Queensland. CNC Marine focuses on kit boats for the recreational market.

The name CNC Marine was derived from our goal to maximise the use of CNC technology in the design and construction of our boats.

In general engineering terms, CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. This technology is widely used in a diverse range of industries. Simply put, computer code is used to control machines such as lathes, milling machines and cutters. The use of computer code to control machines minimizes the impact of human error, hence increasing accuracy and efficiency. For complex tasks it can also dramatically reduce labor costs.

Using this technology in boat building improves accuracy, reduces labor costs and minimizes material wastage. The result is that we can offer our kits at a competitive price without compromising quality.


We offer industry leading
boat designs & kits


Peter Holmes

Naval Architect - Owner

Naval Architect (BEng-Hons, CEng, MRINA, RPEQ) and Accredited Ship Designer under the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

Peter is the heart and soul of CNC Marine, with a plethora of expereience in the marine industry he brings all that knowledge to ensure that every aspect of each kit design meets very particular standards. Essentially guaranteing a final product that will rival if not exceed any recreational or comercial vessel out there, based on performance, handling and safety.

Peter also offers commercial marine design and Naval Architecture services through our sister company, Direct Marine Solutions (www.directmarinesolutions.com.au). The same care and expertise is applied to each design whether it be for CNC marine and recreational market, or through Direct Marine Solutions for the commercial sector.

The CNC Experience

When buying a CNC Marine Kit you aren’t just purchasing flat packed aluminium and the instructions to turn it into a fantastic marine vessel.  We believe in making boat building easier, and to do that we don’t just supply great, easy to build kits. We give you as much support as you need to complete the build, make changes to the build, or even start a new boat building business.

Choosing the right boat for you

We’ll work with you at the start of your adventure to discuss the pro’s and cons of different boats. What are you looking to use it for, what is your budget, where are you going to build it.

Making small adjustments

We do charge for this, but its not as much as you might think. We do our best to give you the exact kit your after. If your thinking of it, chances are we may have already thought of it and you can get it for no extra cost.

Finding a boat builder

We work with boat builders all over Australia, and the world for that matter. We can direct you to a good one that we know and trust.

Builders tips 

Our build wiki is always being update with new and interesting information. You may not find what your after right now, so ask us! We’ll try and include it for you.