Build Instructions for the 4500BA – Getting Started

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You’ve Ordered Your Kit

You’ve ordered your plate boat kit and its going to be a couple of weeks before it gets delivered. So its time to prepare! Start by preparing your work space, clean up that shed. Measure it up so that you know you can easily lay out your parts, depending on the size of your build you may need up to 9 meters in length. Think about access and movement while you build, and space to roll over your boat when it comes time. If you’re working with a small shed you may have to drag the boat out so that you can roll it over.

Tools Required; (More detail in Tools you need post)

  • Welder, Pulse Mig
  • Grinder, plus cutting disks
  • Array of clamps including come alongs
  • Drop saw
  • Drill
  • Orbital Sander
  • PPE Safety equipment



If you’ve decided to go the route of getting your kit delivered by crane truck than all you really need is to be a guide. 

What we will need: – Solid, ideally sealed area that we can pull a truck into and then at least 3 meters of space to the side of the truck for the sheets to be unloaded.

All kits 5m and below come in packs roughly 6.5m x 1.85m x .35m. While all vessels over 5m come in packs roughly 9m x 2.2m x .35m. Bare this in mind when ordering your kit. 

Now I know you just want to get welding and start seeing some progress, but you have a few things to do before you can. Starting with reading through the instructions.


Lets just start with a bit of organisation. The documents we sent you will have a material summary, parts list and extrusion list. Start by just going through and making sure you have everything, familiariseing yourself with the kit.

Soak it all in, have a cup of coffee and look over your plans once more.

Your parts are all held together in the sheet by small tabs that are not cut out when the sheet is on the cnc bed, grab your grinder and start cutting your parts out, they don’t take much as these tabs are fairly small.

Tip: – Your sheets are going to be pretty cumbersome to move around. Have some blocks of wood handy, pry up a corner of the first sheet and throw some blocks underneath to separate it from the sheet underneath. Now start cutting some of the tabs to release some of your parts.

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

kit arrives

Laying out parts

The tabs leave a bump on the edge of all the parts, your going to need to grab your grinder and run along the edge to grind away all these tabs leaving a nice clean edge.

– You may want to go through this process for each part one at a time or complete each step on all your parts and then move on to the next step.

Tip: – Handle your parts as little as possible, try and stack them in the reverse order that you’ll need them so you don’t have to remove 50 parts to get to that frame you need right at the start.

Tip:  When you receive your material from us, it often has a fairly greasy coating left over from the cnc cutting operations. Take a rag soaked in methylated spirits and give each part a good wipe before putting it aside, this will remove any oil and debris and will mean next time you pull your part out its ready to go.